Submissions and reports

Australian Universities Accord: UAC response

01 May 2023

Improved consistency and transparency of credit recognition will reduce barriers between education pathways and improve transferability and recognition of skills and learning, leading to greater mobility and productivity.

Student Lifestyle Report 2022: UAC report

17 May 2022

This far-ranging report explores the experiences, attitudes and behaviours of school leavers as they enter a world full of opportunities and novel challenges. Topics include key drivers around university selection, brand alignment, income and spending, technology preferences and much more.

Student Disadvantage and Success at University: UAC report

28 Sep 2021

This report investigates the impact of student disadvantage on achievement in Year 12 and first-year university. It focuses on whether the ATAR is affected by socio-economic disadvantage and if it contributes to predicting university success independent of this disadvantage.

The Impact of Senior Secondary Study Choices on Success at University: UAC report

21 Apr 2020

This report investigates the impact of HSC subject selection on first-year university success rates. The investigation reveals some instances in which HSC subject selection can improve a student's performance in their first year. It also presents evidence that the introduction of prerequisites may be beneficial for some degrees.

Socio-economic Status and the ATAR: UAC report

01 Feb 2020

The ATAR does not itself systematically discriminate against any SES group,  but other factors can affect the academic performance (in terms of both ATAR and first-year university results) of low SES students. 

The Effectiveness and Limitations of the ATAR: UAC report

01 Dec 2019

The ATAR is an excellent predictor of success at university but it doesn’t account for student disadvantage, ambition, passion or interest. It’s not meant for employers or anyone other than university admission teams.

NSW Curriculum Review: UAC response

01 Dec 2019

UAC is working with key stakeholders nationally to better support lifelong learning and improve access to education and other pathways after school.

NSW Curriculum Review: UAC submission

01 Nov 2018

While the scope of the NSW Curriculum Review is very broad, UAC's interest and expertise is in the preparation of secondary students for the transition into tertiary education.

Redevelopment and Audit of the Higher Education Data Collection: UAC response

02 Feb 2018

As the largest tertiary admissions centre in Australia, UAC processes over 100,000 applications each year and currently provides all data associated with those to the Government for the national Data Collection. UAC believes very strongly that there are further opportunities for government and the sector to work together to better harness student data.

Common Terminology Proposal: UAC response

01 Sep 2017

UAC is very supportive of the sector-led Admissions Transparency Implementation Plan and welcomes the development of the Common Terminology Proposal. However, serious concerns must be raised regarding some of the proposed common terms.