Qualifications Assessment Service

Have your qualifications assessed before you apply for uni

The Qualifications Assessment Service is closed. You can log in to manage your existing application.
The QAS re-opening date is TBC.

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UAC will assess your qualifications as part of the standard application assessment process. You can have your qualifications assessed before you apply through UAC’s Qualifications Assessment Service (QAS) if, for example:

  • you want to find out if you are likely to be eligible for tertiary study
  • you are applying direct to an institution that requires you to provide a qualifications assessment statement (eg applications for graduate entry to University of Sydney Medical School and at the Australian Defence Force Academy).

QAS assessments are limited to:

  • completed Year 12-level studies
  • tertiary studies.

Our assessments:

  • are not an application for study at UAC’s participating institutions
  • are a guide only and UAC’s participating institutions are not bound by the assessments
  • are valid as at the date of assessment and based on the confidential common assessment procedures and guidelines approved by UAC’s participating institutions
  • are subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the QAS disclaimer
  • cost $140 (GST incl.) and usually take one to two weeks to process (may take longer during peak processing periods in May and June).

  • Tap the 'Apply or log in' button at the top of this page.
  • Select 'Qualifications Assessment Service' from the drop-down menu.
  • Follow the prompts to complete your application.
  • Ensure you list all qualifications (complete and/or incomplete) that require assessment.

The Qualifications Assessment Service provides a statement of your study history at a particular point in time.

Please ensure that you list all qualifications (complete and/or incomplete) that require assessment.

Once a statement has been issued to you, we will ignore any qualifications you add to your application and any academic results you achieve.

If you need to provide supporting documents, you will be prompted to do so in your application. The required documents will also be listed in your Confirmation of Application, which you can download when you complete your application.

All documents must be uploaded as PDFs via your application. You must also provide official proof of change of name (eg marriage certificate) for any documents that are in another name.

Applications open: 18 Apr 2023
Applications close: 11.59pm 1 Jun 2023

We assess qualifications for applicants to these programs during a specified period of time each year. It is your responsibility to be aware of this time period.

You can only add qualifications to your application during the specified QAS application period. Any qualifications added after this period will be ignored.

Any academic results you achieve after the specified QAS application period will also be ignored, unless The University of Sydney directly requests an updated assessment from UAC.

Your UAC rank

For each assessable qualification you submit, you will receive a statement listing your qualification and a UAC rank based on your results. Your UAC rank is based on common assessment procedures and guidelines approved by our participating institutions.

Institutions use the UAC rank in different ways when assessing applications for admission. For example, they can give different weightings to different qualifications, or use a UAC rank in combination with other selection criteria. Therefore, your UAC rank is not necessarily your selection rank.

Before you apply for a course, contact the relevant university admissions office for advice on your eligibility for admission to a particular course and to discuss your options.

Your GPA (or similar measure of achievement in secondary studies)

If you submit an assessable tertiary qualification, you'll be notified of your grade point average. Find out how we assess your tertiary qualifications.