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Higher Education Standards Panel – Developments in Higher Education Admissions Practices: UAC response

01 May 2023

For secondary school students the admission experience is enhanced by at-school offers through the provision of an expanded range of pathways into university. Where this involves engaging with them earlier there may be the additional benefit of reducing the pressure of the final months of school. Where this involves the consideration of criteria relevant to specific courses there may be the additional benefit of improving the chances of university success. Where this involves a more holistic consideration of student potential for success, there may be the additional benefit of opening the door a little wider for students from under-represented groups.

For students with previous higher education experience and/or VET qualifications, the admission experience could be significantly improved by efficient and transparent credit arrangements. UAC has expanded its services into this area, with much interest from providers in participating in a credit platform. However, this initiative is at a relatively early stage with respect to its adoption, and as such is an area of considerable inconsistency across the broader Australian higher education sector. Unsurprisingly, this inconsistency translates to a degree of frustration for students.

For those relying on post-school, work and life experiences to gain credit recognition, considerable work still needs to be done to address significant information deficits, which are exacerbated by lack of transparency and consistency across the sector.

For all students, the introduction of general capabilities assessment and the adoption of digital credentials technology will in future allow for a more holistic and seamless admission experience, not just at specific entry points but throughout the lifelong learning journey.

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