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Consultation on the Transparency of Higher Education Admissions Processes: UAC response

01 May 2016

The current system of university admissions in NSW and the ACT has transparency built into it. UAC provides comprehensive, comparable and consistently presented information to students, schools and the public. Institutions have autonomy regarding selection criteria and other policies; UAC administers those policies and communicates with applicants.

The basis of the UAC admissions process is the UAC selection rank. This is a number (like the ATAR) that is calculated for each applicant for each of their course preferences. For Year 12 students, it may be the ATAR alone, or it may be the ATAR plus bonus and other points, or it may be a number derived from other criteria (such as performance at an audition or interview, ATSI status etc). For non-Year 12 students the rank is usually derived from a mix of criteria such as Year 12 results, other qualifications (such as a TAFE Diploma) and even employment experience.

In conjunction with universities in NSW and the ACT, UAC is currently developing a new model for undergraduate
admissions. The first principle of the new model is that it be student-centric in its approach.

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