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Admissions Transparency Implementation Working Group Draft Implemention Plan: UAC response

01 May 2017

UAC is very supportive of the report of the Higher Education Standards Panel (HESP) on Improving the Transparency of Higher Education Admissions and welcomes the release of the consultation draft implementation plan.

UAC strongly endorses the plan’s acknowledgement of the importance of this work to help students make better informed decisions about courses, which benefits not only the student, but also the sector, the government and the community. Like many in government and the sector, UAC is also hopeful that improved transparency will go at least some way towards addressing the rate of attrition from higher education and is keen to partner with government and the sector on future initiatives in that area.

UAC believes that the use of the term 'selection rank' can be promoted as a way forward, even in the short-term. Selection rank is transferrable across all types of applicants and all types of admissions. In the UAC system every applicant has a selection rank, and we have the capability to report that rank to applicants. The cut-off is the lowest selection rank (as opposed to the lowest ATAR) to gain entry into the course. There is an unfortunate tendency at the moment to use 'ATAR' as an admissions catch-all, when in fact selection rank is more appropriate. ATAR is simply the base qualification for Year 12 applicants, and if we can educate the sector and the community about selection rank, this would greatly improve the transparency and understanding of higher education admissions. Selection rank is a holistic measure that encompasses all types of applicants and all types of admissions criteria, is a fairer and more equitable way of describing admissions, and UAC can progress the transparency of selection ranks to applicants in the short to medium term.

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