Schools Recommendation Scheme

Schools Recommendation Scheme

The Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS) is one way institutions make early offers of undergraduate admission to Year 12 students. They do this by using criteria other than (or in addition to) the ATAR.

This space contains info and offers for future students.
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Who can apply?

To apply for SRS you must be a Year 12 applicant who is attempting one of the following:

  • an Australian Year 12 qualification in 2024
  • an International Baccalaureate in Australia in 2024.

You must also be:

  • a UAC applicant for undergraduate admission in 2025
  • an Australian or New Zealand citizen, a permanent resident of Australia or the holder of an Australian permanent resident humanitarian visa

Interstate and IB applicants: Wait until 1 August to complete your UAC undergraduate and SRS applications. We need access to your Year 12 student ID details and we will have them by August.

How you are assessed

Participating institutions may use one or more of the following criteria listed when considering your application:

  • your Year 11 studies (IB and interstate students will need to upload a PDF of their Year 11 school report)
  • your school’s rating of your aptitudes
  • your Educational Access Scheme (EAS) application (if applicable).

Institution-specific SRS criteria

Institutions will then make offers based:

  • solely on SRS criteria
  • on both SRS criteria and ATAR/selection rank
  • on SRS criteria and ATAR and equity criteria.

Each institution has its own policy for determining SRS eligibility and making offers. For example, you may also have to submit an EAS application institution-defined dates, or attend a school in a particular region.

SRS is not available for all courses. The institution-specific SRS criteria detail any exceptions.

Application dates

16 Sept 2024

SRS: Applications close for 2024

Apply for the Schools Recommendation Scheme by 11.59pm. You must first complete a UAC application for undergraduate admission.

01 Nov 2024

SRS: Course preference deadline for first SRS offers

Include your SRS course preferences in your UAC application by 11.59pm. First SRS offers will be released in November Round 1 on 8 November.

08 Nov 2024

SRS: First offers released

SRS unconditional and conditional offers released. Check your email or log in to your UAC undergraduate application.

23 Dec 2024

SRS: Conditional offers converted to unconditional offers

Conditional offers are converted to unconditional offers for applicants who meet institution criteria. Check your email or log in to your UAC undergraduate application.

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