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UAC's newsletters, booklets, PowerPoint presentations and fact sheets help you provide up-to-date and accurate information to your students and their parents about everything from choosing HSC courses in Year 10 to receiving an ATAR at the end of Year 12. Use these resources to explain the HSC, ATAR and pathways to uni and dispel common myths about subject selection and scaling. 

There's also an overview of the Educational Access Schemes (EAS) process and a summary of what needs to be included when you complete an educational impact statement to support a student’s EAS application. (Note: Schools completing an educational impact statement generally provide it to the student to upload with their application, but it can also be provided directly to UAC by email, post or in-person. If provided separately, it will not be visible to the student.)


Keep informed about UAC publication releases, important dates, community information sessions and UAC events, and stay on top of news and updates from UAC’s participating institutions. 


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Course Compass: A quick and easy guide for Year 12 students who don’t know where to start finding out about uni courses that might interest them.

Subject Compass: HSC subject selection made easy. Year 10 students input their interests, skills, preferred career path or study plans. Subject Compass suggests subjects that will help students lay a strong foundation for their future.


Uni open days 2019
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Undergraduate Fact Sheet: Medicine and Medical Sciences - Special Entry Requirements
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Introduction to SRS
pdf 81.39 KB
School SRS reports explained
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SRS rater overview
pdf 87.24 KB
SRS rater template and rating scale
pdf 95.66 KB
SRS school participation - principals and raters
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ATAR profiles for December Round 2 2018
pdf 1046.08 KB
ATAR profiles for January Round 1 2019
pdf 1249.83 KB
Higher Education Common Terms
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HSC courses

HSC Board Developed courses to be examined in 2018
pdf 41.87 KB
HSC Board Developed courses to be examined in 2019
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HSC Board Developed courses to be examined in 2020
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Scholarships and schemes

Access and Scholarship Programs
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EAS application form 2019-20
pdf 155.51 KB
EAS application guide
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EAS Supplementary Application Form 2019-20
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EAS Fact Sheet: How does EAS help me get into uni?
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EAS Fact Sheet: Educational Impact Statements
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EAS Fact Sheet: Eligibility letters
pdf 90.99 KB
EAS Fact Sheet: Socio-economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA)
pdf 68.81 KB
EAS Fact Sheet: Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander applicants
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EAS Fact Sheet: Supporting documents
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Year 10

Steps to Uni for Year 10 Students (2019 edition)
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Year 10 subject selection worksheets
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Year 10 Tips for Choosing HSC Courses
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Year 10 presentation
powerpoint 2630.83 KB

Year 12

UAC Guide 2019-20
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Year 12 presentation
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