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Redevelopment and Audit of the Higher Education Data Collection: UAC response

02 Feb 2018

Executive summary

UAC supports the work of the Department of Education and Training and the Department of Human Services in working towards greater consolidation and efficiencies of the Higher Education Data Collection. As the largest tertiary admissions centre in Australia, UAC processes over 100,000 applications each year and currently provides all data associated with those to the Government for the national Data Collection.

UAC believes very strongly that there are further opportunities for government and the sector to work together to better harness student data.

Benefits would accrue to:

  • current and prospective students, through improved information, advice and targeted support mechanisms (leading to higher student success rates)
  • education providers, by being better prepared to support students throughout their education, and by having improved completion rates
  • the government, through better informed policy and programmes and
  • the public, by reducing the total cost associated with attrition and lower employment participation rates.

With the help of the tertiary admissions centres, an opportunity exists to consolidate admissions structures to enable the establishment of a data repository that would give a full sector view of school achievement, admissions, enrolments, progression, retention and attrition. An understanding of the complete student life cycle will enhance student experience and inform improvements in public policy and the delivery of learning and teaching across all levels of the education sector in Australia.

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