Governance & leadership

UAC governance structure

UAC Board

The Board is UAC’s governing body and is responsible for determining the organisation's strategies for operations and future development. It oversees risks, internal controls and regulatory activities.

The Board is chaired by Professor Denise Kirkpatrick. Its members are drawn from the academic and professional population in the higher education sector. The Board is advised by UAC's Executive team and the Audit Committee, and is accountable to the New South Wales Vice-Chancellors’ Committee for overall company performance.

UAC Executive

Managing Director

Dr David Christie joined UAC in 2015, bringing with him experience in developing business opportunities, strategy and organisation planning in the higher education sector.

The Managing Director provides visionary and strategic leadership to the organisation and promotes UAC’s development and growth.

The Managing Director is supported by a team of senior executives.

Chief Operating Officer

Mary O’Leary joined UAC in 2022, following senior finance and commercial leadership roles in the education, media, financial services and social justice sectors.

The COO portfolio holds responsibility for UAC’s financial, governance, legal, risk and facilities management requirements.

Chief Information Officer

Dudley Collinson joined UAC in 2014, after holding senior IT roles in the health, education and financial sectors.

The Information Technology team provides infrastructure, system support, application development, project delivery, research and data-related services to UAC's clients and customers.

General Manager, Business Analytics

Anthony Manny joined UAC in 2017, coming from the FMCG industry with experience in business intelligence, account management and process improvement.

The focus of the Business Analytics team is to use the vast data that UAC generates to drive analytical decision-making, strategy and business planning.

General Manager, Business Solutions

James Kevin joined UAC in 2018, following senior national and international commercial roles in the media and wagering industries.

The Business Solutions team is responsible for the provision of current and future services to institutions, as well as the identification, development and commercialisation of new business opportunities.

General Manager, Marketing and Engagement

Kim Paino has been with UAC since 2002, after a number of years in a communications role at Macquarie University.

The Marketing and Engagement team holds responsibility for UAC's external communications and marketing activities, media liaison, and engagement with prospective students.

General Manager, Operations

Nerida Bewick has been with UAC since 1999, after an initial career in medical research.

The Operations team is responsible for developing policies and procedures for assessment, assessing all applications and schemes processed by UAC, and maintaining course profiles.

General Manager, People and Culture

Jennie Edwards has been with UAC since 2004, following roles in the health and hospitality industries.

People and Culture provides advice and guidance to the organisation on a range of key matters including recruitment, engagement, training and development, industrial relations and compliance, and payroll.