Frequently asked questions

FAQs about the Schools Recommendation Scheme

Finalise your SRS course preferences in your UAC application by midnight on 3 November 2022. Some institutions may specify an earlier date.
Institution-specific SRS requirements

The first round of SRS offers will be released on 11 November. If you receive an offer, we will notify you via email.

SRS is for current domestic Year 12 applicants only. International applicants cannot apply.

Conditional SRS offers require you to meet other conditions before the institution will make you an unconditional offer in December Round 2. Examples of these conditions are a minimum ATAR, course prerequisites, or a personal statement. Conditional SRS offers will only be made in November Round 1 and can be made to any preference.

If you receive more than one conditional offer, once your ATAR is released you can determine if you meet the criteria for those offers. You will then need to decide which course preference you would most like to convert into an unconditional offer. You can only receive one unconditional offer in December Round 2.

Unconditional SRS offers don't have any conditions attached to them. You can only receive one in each round.

If you’re not selected for an unconditional offer for your first preference, you’ll be considered equally with all other eligible applicants for your second preference and so on.

First of all, accept the offer. Then move the course to the bottom of your preference list or remove it entirely. As long as you've accepted it you can't lose it.

Order your new course preferences as follows: place your dream course at number 1, then your second preferred course at number 2, and so on.

If you receive an offer to another course in a later offer round, you can then decide to accept it, and withdraw your acceptance for the first course, or reject the new offer and stick with the first one.

Changing preferences after you receive an offer

If you’re undertaking the NSW HSC or ACT Senior Secondary Certificate, you do not need to upload your Year 11 results unless prompted to do so in the SRS application. UAC can obtain the results from NESA and ACTBSSS on your behalf.

If you’re an interstate or IB applicant, you need to upload a copy of your Year 11 reports.

Documents must be uploaded to your online SRS application.

Emailed, posted or delivered documents are not accepted.

No, we are unable to give you an update on your SRS application during the admissions period.

We are also unable to preview documents before they are uploaded to your application.