8 simple steps to uni

20 Aug 2020

Feeling confused or overwhelmed about what you need to do to get into uni next year? Follow these 8 steps and you'll be on your way.



Search for courses: click the green 'Find a course' button on the UAC website. Check selection rank information, admission criteria and pathway options for courses you’re interested in.


Apply for university

Apply and pay before 30 September. Not sure what course to choose? It’s OK: you can change your course preferences later.


Apply for entry schemes and scholarships

  • Schools Recommendation Schemes (SRS): Get assessed on a range of criteria other than, or in addition to, your ATAR. Applications close at midnight 20 September.
  • Educational Access Schemes (EAS): Apply to have any long-term educational disadvantages considered as part of the selection process.
  • Equity Scholarships: Apply for financial support provided to disadvantaged students.


Order preferences for early offers

Most early offer schemes (including SRS) make offers in November. Make sure you have the course you most want to do as your first preference.


Get your ATAR

You will receive your ATAR mid-December. The ATAR helps universities rank applicants for selection into their courses.


Review your preferences

After you receive your ATAR, you will have a couple of days to update your preference list. Log in to your application on the UAC website to remove, change or add preferences.


Get your offer

Most institutions make offers to Year 12 students in December and January.


Accept and enrol

Accept your offer and follow the institution’s instructions to start the enrolment process. Don’t worry, you can still receive offers in later offer rounds, even if you’ve already accepted a previous offer.

Got some questions?

FAQs about applying through UAC: answers to common questions about application numbers and PINs, offers and the ATAR

You CAN ask that: answers to some of the more challenging questions UAC is asked about why we do what we do

UAC enquiry form: send us a specific question and we'll get back to you asap

Live UAC Q&A: join us on Instagram or Facebook at 5pm on Wednesday 9 September to have your questions answered in real time