Midyear undergraduate uni intake: your guide to studying in 2024

14 Jun 2024

Most universities take midyear enrolments, so you can still kickstart your studies this year!

Twenty-four universities and colleges are offering places in undergraduate courses starting in semester 2, 2024. But you'll need to act soon. Here's some essential info to help you get started.

When do midyear uni applications open and close?

You can submit a UAC application for semester 2 study as early as April each year. While applications for some semester 2 courses have now closed, applications for many courses are still open.

Application closing dates for each course are listed in UAC’s Course Search.

In general, the final offers for semester 2 will be made in July Round 2 on 25 July 2024: the July Round 2 application deadline is 4 July 2024.

When does semester 2, 2024 start?

Unis that run two semesters a year typically start semester 2 courses between late June and early August and end with final exams in November.

How do trimesters work?

Some unis organise their teaching calendars into trimesters. The third and final trimester of the year usually starts around September, so the application deadline is a little later than it is for semester 2 courses.

Use UAC’s Course Search to find when courses start throughout the year and when you need to submit your UAC application.

When will I get a uni offer?

Generally, the final offers for semester 2 courses are made in June and July. Keep an eye on our list of institutions making offers in each round for all the details.

Can I transfer to a different university this year?

Yes, if you've already started a degree but realised it's not quite right for you, you can apply to start a different degree (at the same university or a new one) in semester 2. Just be aware that some universities will require you to have completed at least one year of full-time study before you can have it considered as part of your admission assessment.

Read our advice on how to transfer to a different degree.

How do I apply?

Start your undergraduate application through UAC.