How to apply for uni

Selecting your course preferences

In your undergraduate application, you can select up to five course preferences. If you’re an international Year 12 applicant or you’re applying for postgraduate courses, you can select up to six. If you're interested in only one course, then enter only that course.

You can apply for the same course with multiple start dates, but each start date counts as a separate preference. Some courses have early closing dates. Check the latest course information through the course search.

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Ordering your preferences

First on your list should be the course you’d most like to do, followed by your second, third and fourth preferences and so on.

Undergraduate applicants

If you’re not selected for your first preference, you’ll be considered equally with all other eligible applicants for your second preference and so on.

Your chance of being selected for a course is not decreased because you placed it as a lower order preference. Similarly, you won’t be selected for a course just because you entered that course as a higher order preference.

You can only receive one offer per round, so re-ordering your preferences after each round may give you multiple offers to choose from.

International Year 12 applicants

Each institution will consider your application separately and they will consider your courses in the order you've listed them. Therefore, you can receive an offer to your highest preference at each institution included in your application (if you are eligible and competitive enough).

Postgraduate applicants

Most institutions will consider your course preferences according to the order in which you list them. If you're eligible and competitive enough for your first preference at each institution, you'll be made an offer to that course and the rest of your preferences for that institution won't be considered. Therefore, you can receive more than one offer but only one offer from each institution.

The following institutions may make you more than one offer:

  • Australian College of Applied Professions
  • Charles Sturt University
  • University of Newcastle.

The offers will be to all the courses for which you’re eligible and competitive enough.

Changing your preferences

You can add, delete, or change the order of your courses by logging in to your application. You can't change your preferences by phone, letter, fax or email.

There is no charge to change your preferences and you can change them as many times as you like:

  • before each undergraduate and international applicant offer round preference closing date
  • before the postgraduate course application closing dates.

There are short periods before each undergraduate offer round when you are unable to change your preferences in your application.

How to change your course preferences