January Round 1 lowest selection ranks

Institutions have released the lowest selection rank required by 2023 Year 12 applicants for entry into each course in January Round 1.

The selection rank for Year 12 applicants is made up of their ATAR and any adjustment points they have received. Therefore, the lowest selection rank for a course does not necessarily represent the minimum ATAR required for entry into the course. Many students with ATARs below the lowest selection rank get offers.

If N/A appears instead of a lowest selection rank, a lowest selection rank is not applicable because of one of the following reasons:

  • selection criteria other than ATAR were used
  • the course was not offered to Year 12 applicants in this round
  • no offers have been made to Year 12 applicants in this round

Course vacancies: Before applying or changing your preferences, contact the institution to check course vacancies.

Note that these lowest selection ranks relate to Year 12 applicants only. Institutions may take any or all of the following into account when assessing non-Year 12 applicants – tertiary studies, secondary studies, post-secondary studies and other relevant factors such as employment history and special circumstances.

January Round 1 offers: next steps

If you have received a January Round 1 offer, you are advised to accept it, even if it is not for your first preference. You will be considered again for your first preference in later rounds, but there is no guarantee that you will receive another offer. If you do receive a later round offer to a course you prefer, you can accept that offer and withdraw from the previously offered course.

Accepting your offer and enrolling

Next offer round

The next offer round is January Round 2 on Wednesday 24 January 2024. You can log in to your application and change your preferences for January Round 2 until 11.59pm (Sydney time) on Wednesday 17 January 2024.

Changing your preferences after you receive an offer