Admission criteria

Interviews, statements, auditions and portfolios for university admission

Some courses select applicants based on additional selection criteria such as a personal statement, a questionnaire, a portfolio of work, an audition, an interview or a test. Any additional selection criteria will be indicated in the course description, which you can access via the course search.

All interviews and auditions are organised directly between you and the institution. You’ll need to make these arrangements in addition to listing the course in your UAC preferences.

If a portfolio or personal statement is required, it will be listed in that course’s description, which you can access via the course search. It will also be flagged in your application. Follow the institution’s instructions for how to submit the portfolio or personal statement.

Each institution has its own policy for determining how additional selection criteria are assessed. Some institutions may allocate a weighting for each component. For example, the ATAR might be worth 50 per cent, a portfolio 25 per cent and an interview 25 per cent. At other institutions, a minimum ATAR may be used to filter applicants, and those above the minimum ATAR assessed and ranked on the additional criteria. Or the portfolio or audition may take precedence over other criteria, including the ATAR. For further information, contact the institution.