Direct messaging campaigns that drive student conversions

Our direct messaging campaigns are an opportunity for you to build relationships, drive conversions and foster loyalty through data-driven communications. Our team will take the time to understand your needs and develop a custom recipient list of students or UAC applicants most likely to engage with your campaign. Contact our team for pricing.

SMS Delivery rate: 94% Reach average. 82% Education industry standard. SMS Click-through rate: 32% Reach average. 19% Education industry standard.


SMS is a guaranteed method to get your message in front of your target audience and encourage quick action. Our powerful SMS campaigns are built on the winning formula of high delivery rates of 98 per cent, low opt-out rates and a bespoke audience list. Contact our team for a deeper dive into benchmarking for your SMS campaigns.


Email marketing consistently delivers when it comes to engagement, influence and results. When you combine that with the high trust and broad reach of UAC, it’s a recipe for success. Our precisely targeted emails, based on highly segmentable datasets, are one of your most direct routes to market. Contact our team for a deeper dive into benchmarking for your EDM campaigns.
EDM Open rate: 63% Reach average. 25% Education industry standard. EDM Click-through rate: 11% Reach average. 4% Education industry standard.

Our three steps to successful campaigns

Our three-step approach to working with clients is at the core of our successful campaigns that consistently exceed industry averages by up to 400 per cent. First, we take the time to understand your needs. Then we sort through our granular applicant data to create a custom audience most likely to engage with your offer. Finally, we execute your campaign and deliver results.

When you partner with Reach, you will collaborate with a team of marketing and data specialists who are experts in the Year 12 and university demographic. We will provide you with insights on targeting, timing and creative – combining our insights with your marketing goals to see the best possible ROI for all your activities with Reach.

Our primary dataset is unmatched anywhere in the Australian market. When applied to your marketing campaigns, it can bring tremendous results. We know Australian students better than anyone else and want to share our insights with you to strengthen your strategy. We create bespoke segmentation opportunities based on demographics, academics, behaviour and more.

We provide ongoing guidance throughout your campaign to support your goals and maximise ROI. After the campaign, we provide in-depth reporting to help shape future business decisions.

Comprehensive campaign reports

Measuring ROI is essential to a marketer. That’s why we provide in-depth reporting to help you understand the power of Reach in driving brand awareness and increasing conversions.

Features Reach partners Centralised partners
Summary of what we provide We provide you with in-depth reporting on
campaign performance and tips for future
optimisation if you execute a Reach direct
message campaign with us.
Centralised partners receive more in-depth
reporting than Reach partners, as we can track
conversions accurately in the UAC application.

*The conversion must occur within seven days
to attribute it to the direct messaging campaign.
Estimated opens and open rate % Yes Yes
Clicks and click-through rate % Yes Yes
Opens and clicks over time Yes Yes
Unique and total clicks on each link Yes Yes
Optimisation notes Yes Yes
Geographical location of
recipients that click
Yes Yes
Increased preferences No Yes
Preference ranking No Yes
Geographical location of preferences No Yes

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