Client support

Data security

Trust is at the centre of UAC's relationships with all its customers and data security is a top priority.

UAC complies with the Privacy Act 1988 and has a dedicated Privacy Officer. Read UAC's Privacy Policy.

UAC applies the latest security controls, data classification and processes to protect UAC data.

Data governance

Data governance sets rules and expectations for the collection, use and protection of UAC data.

UAC’s data governance practices include:

  • implementing data management policies relevant for UAC’s business and its regulatory and contractual obligations
  • measuring data usability, availability and integrity
  • complying with its own policies, contractual obligations and ownership rights
  • reporting the status and performance of its data management practices, and communicating this to its customers and business partners
  • auditing data management processes and practices, including penetration testing schedules and outcomes remediation.

UAC has the following governance forums to discuss and assure effective management of UAC data:

  • The Change Assessment Board ensures that software and infrastructure changes are properly tested and implemented without errors or scheduling conflicts.
  • The Data Governance Council discusses data management performance reporting, issues resolution and future directions for management practice.

ISO certification

UAC has been accredited to ISO (International Standards Organisation) 27001, an internationally accepted standard of information security practices.

This certification recognises that UAC uses best-practice protection and handling of all its data.