Client support

Project management

UAC’s Project Management Office enables streamlined processes and methodologies in the delivery of time-critical projects.

Structured project management and governance

UAC assigns a lead Project Manager to be responsible for the end-to-end project delivery and transition to business as usual (BAU). Development uses Scrum Agile methodology, and Confluence, JIRA and Microsoft Teams are used for communication and collaboration with project teams. Project governance meetings follow to keep the project on track and any risks and issues are addressed quickly.

Comprehensive stakeholder engagement

UAC integrates both the client and the UAC project teams from the very beginning by holding discovery workshops to define project objectives and outcomes. Daily or weekly project meetings and workshops follow. We then collaborate with you on a comprehensive engagement plan.

Staged project delivery

UAC adopts a staged approach to deliver projects, which allows for shorter and focused milestones, flexibility in prioritising features, accelerated delivery outcomes, multistage user feedback, iterative development to incorporate learnings and appropriate stage gates to ensure approvals and acceptance criteria are met. These stages are outlined below.


Discovery stage

Discovery seeks to: understand the detailed project objectives, key stakeholders, systems involved and high-level requirements; identify related initiatives and data sources; and develop a detailed plan for the next stage.


Alpha stage

Alpha develops the detailed designs and architecture for the platform. incorporating learnings from the discovery stage. We define the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) scope that pilots to a subset of users.


Implementation stages

Key stakeholders establish the implementation stages and we deliver the core functionality to production and onboard users to the agreed timelines.


Ongoing monitoring and support

After the implementation stages, the project transitions to BAU with ongoing monitoring and support. During BAU, any required enhancements will be scoped by UAC’s experienced Business Analysts for your review and approval prior to development.