Client support

Account management

Your dedicated UAC account manager is your key point of contact and works in collaboration with you to ensure that your ongoing needs and evolving admissions requirements are met. Our account management team:

  • keeps you updated on our latest products and services
  • identifies how UAC products can add value to your organisation's strategic initiatives
  • shares new developments and trends to keep your team up to date with the best in the industry.

Ongoing training and support

Our account management team works closely with our clients to fill any training gaps for operational staff or management. Training can be provided on an ad hoc or planned basis with supporting documentation provided where required.

Strategic reviews

Strategic reviews occur throughout the year to provide insightful data and market trends along with your organisation's performance and other relevant key metrics. Strategic review meetings are also a pivotal engagement opportunity to ensure that UAC keeps on track with your expectations.

Request for change and issue rectification

Stay up to date with your UAC service requests through UAC's Institution Service Desk. You can also request changes and enhancements to the products and services UAC currently provides your organisation. Your account manager will facilitate this process to ensure that it is streamlined and seamless at every point of the process.