Bespoke admissions

UAC Connect: your brand, our admissions system

UAC Connect offers a fully customised solution for your entire admissions process – from application through to offer generation. Choose from a total solution or selected elements. The solution combines your brand and your unique admission requirements with the processing power of UAC.

Underpinned by our comprehensive assessment service and offer generation and back‑end systems, UAC Connect provides you with a seamless, flexible, low-risk and cost-effective admissions solution.

UAC Connect transforms proven application and back-end systems and adds optional custom-built functions to your specifications – all contained within your environment and brand.

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All applicant interfaces are modified to reflect your institution’s requirements and branding to integrate seamlessly into your website. You have complete control over the information and user experience around the application. UAC’s role is discreetly acknowledged.

Preferences and qualifications

The application is fully tailorable to collect only the data you need, including the number of courses the applicant selects and the qualifications they present.

Selection process

The selection system is extremely flexible. You define how applicant qualifications are considered and what offers are made.

Offers when you want

You have full flexibility about when offers are generated. The system provides multiple modes of generating offers – single, bulk or automatic. There is also the option to include acceptance and enrolment processing and to integrate our solution with your CRM system.

Simple design

The four-step online application process is intuitive, uncluttered and easy for applicants to navigate.

Optimal data quality

A comprehensive suite of data validations, drop-down menus, pre-emptive text and help functions which aid usability and reduce applicant errors and omissions, optimise the data you receive.

Easy and quick to complete

Most applicants apply and upload documents within 10 minutes. This enables the application to be processed efficiently and assessed quickly.

User-friendly applicant self-service

Applicants can view a full application summary, update contact details, add new qualifications, change course selections, view offer eligibility and outcomes, view correspondence from UAC, and upload documents.

During and post-application

Applicants receive email confirmation that their application has been successfully submitted and reminder emails when required documentation has not been supplied. These emails can be tailored to meet requirements.

Assessment tracking

Applicants are kept updated on the status of their application using tracking notes which appear against their qualifications and preferences.


Offer correspondence is system-generated and can include emails or formal offer letters to your specification. Offer acceptance can also be processed and recorded through UAC. A conditional offer capability can also be incorporated.

Mobile friendly

UAC Connect is mobile-compatible, allowing applicants to apply and manage their applications from anywhere.


A business intelligence capability in the form of analytics and data visualisation can be provided as part of our solution. It can include time series application and offer statistics, offer enrolment flow, source of application heat map, and most popular courses, fields of education and suburbs.

Workflow management system

Our expert application management system is rules‑based which enhances the speed of processing. It has code that’s been developed over 20 years to streamline application processing and optimise accuracy of assessment.

State-of-the-art software

We use the latest market-leading enterprise web technologies and frameworks with a focus on intuitive user interfaces and positive user experiences.

Powered by UAC

All development and support is internally sourced. UAC is not reliant on any third parties.

Disaster recovery

UAC offers a full redundancy and disaster recovery (DR) capability. The DR facility is co-hosted in a university sector-approved data centre and all data is held within Australia.

Best practice

We offer industry best practice for assessment processing. All our assessment processes are developed to meet your admissions needs.


UAC can offer assessment processing across a variety of environments including undergraduate, postgraduate, scholarships and equity schemes.

110,000+ applications

UAC’s expertise is proven by the fact that we process over 110,000+ applications annually. As Australia’s largest universities admissions centre, UAC has established itself as a trusted business partner to 32 tertiary institutions, including universities, colleges and other higher education providers.


UAC has 550+ schedules covering all endorsed domestic and international qualifications, allowing assessment automatically on a common scale.


UAC verifies academic results for all domestic tertiary study through the Automated Results Transfer System (ARTS), which provides direct access to the electronic student records of Australian universities, CIT and NSW TAFE. Results are usually obtained within 48 hours.

Year 12 archive

UAC assessors have access to an archive of Australia-wide Year 12 student results dating back to the 1970s and earlier for some states, comprising in excess of 4 million records.

STAT and preparatory courses

UAC has direct access to STAT and preparatory courses, which streamlines workflow and expedites results processing and offer generation

Detailed reporting

UAC Connect offers access to a comprehensive data warehouse of applicant data, accessible only by your institution and UAC.

A comprehensive suite of reports is available to support selection and offer generation processes and enable informed decision-making and planning.

Lead generation

Details of partially-completed applicants can be provided, as required, for follow-up by relevant staff.

Reporting and data government reporting

We collect all data required to meet government reporting requirements including details of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status, parental education and the language spoken at home.

Google analytics

Google Analytics can be incorporated within the application to enable
tracking and analysis of applicant behaviours and demographics by marketing, faculties or admissions teams.

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