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UAC offers solution for expanding global leadership entry program

Macquarie University’s Global Leadership Entry Program (GLEP) is an early entry scheme designed for the best and brightest students and aims to inspire them to be the global leaders of tomorrow.

Macquarie University planned to expand GLEP to include over 100 degrees for 2019 admissions, but realised it needed to streamline its application and assessment processes in order to admit students more efficiently and cost-effectively – and they required this solution quickly.

They handed the brief to UAC with an eight-week turnaround from concept to go-live. UAC’s agile processes ensured the tailored online application and supporting management system were delivered on time and within budget.

UAC created a highly automated process for us and one that enabled this project to go live within our required timeframe. The collaboration has been so successful that we are looking at other programs that could benefit from this process.
Brad Windon, Director, Academic Services, Macquarie University

Macquarie University launched the UAC Connect solution in May 2018, providing Year 12 students with a secure, user-friendly application experience that is accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device. The application is branded to the University’s specifications and integrates seamlessly into their website. All applicant correspondence generated by the application is highly personalised and tailored to the University’s requirements.

UAC Connect also provided the University with a highly-automated process for the assessment of Year 11 qualifications, a major component of the GLEP assessment criteria. To further streamline processing, UAC created a unique selection algorithm that combines academic and leadership assessments to automatically generate GLEP offers in three tiers. The application also enables Macquarie University to provide applicants with course eligibility and change of preference advice based on their rankings.

As always, we fully appreciate UAC's professionalism and expertise, and really owe our thanks to UAC for delivering on schedule.
Sally Kwan, Admissions Manager, Macquarie University


  • Project successfully delivered within eight weeks
  • Highly automated process for Year 11 qualifications