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Charles Sturt University

CSU is latest university to realise the potential of UAC Connect

As one of Australia’s premier, regional universities, Charles Sturt University (CSU) was looking to create efficiencies in admissions processing and build greater capacity for staff to focus on helping potential students.

CSU turned to the leading-edge technologies of UAC Connect, which not only offers a user-friendly online application, but provides a streamlined, comprehensive automated assessment and offer generation service, where many applicants can be made system-derived offers without the need for CSU to see the application.

The UAC Connect solution sees most qualification records retrieved electronically from the source and attached automatically to the application. This is achieved using UAC’s extensive access to electronic tertiary records at Australian universities and an archive of Australian Year 12 results. Qualifications are then automatically ranked on a common scale based on agreed schedules. If applicants meet CSU’s predetermined threshold requirements, the system will automatically generate them an offer.

UAC has delivered a unique, CSU-branded admissions system, creating efficiencies in processing and an excellent applicant experience. Our range of courses incorporates a number of complex assessment rules, alternate offer options and credit packages that UAC has worked hard to integrate into their system, resulting in significant reductions in manual processing workload at CSU.
Melissa Dawe, Senior Manager, Admissions and Credit, Charles Sturt University

It was also important to CSU to enhance the applicant experience. CSU’s new-look application system allows students to register using their Facebook, Google or LinkedIn accounts. This improved customer interface simplifies logins for users as they don’t have to create and remember login information for multiple accounts.

UAC also worked closely with CSU’s marketing team over the four and a half month project to develop a range of technical components that allow for greater flexibility in web analytics, lead data collection and offer template design.

UAC went over and above to ensure all our needs were met on time and within budget. The close working relationship fostered during the project (and service follow-up beyond) was first-rate, which has convinced CSU that UAC is the provider of choice when it comes to admissions.
Carmel O’Regan, Executive Director, Student Administration, Charles Sturt University


  • Project successfully delivered within four and a half months
  • First UAC Connect client to incorporate a social media login with OAuth functionality into its portal
  • Integrated web analytics and lead data collection