Business Solutions

Case studies

UAC partnered with Macquarie University to streamline the application and assessment processes of their expanding Global Leadership Program (GLEP). Our UAC Connect solution provides Year 12 students applying to GLEP with a secure, user-friendly application that is accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Macquarie University and UAC Connect

Western Sydney University contracted UAC to create a full-service application system that combined the University’s brand with UAC’s processing power. This process was made possible through our leading-edge UAC Connect solution, which offers a bespoke, white-label portal for institutions.

Western Sydney University and UAC Connect

CSU turned to the leading-edge technologies of UAC Connect, which not only offers a user-friendly online application, but provides a streamlined, comprehensive automated assessment and offer generation service, where many applicants can be made system-derived offers without the need for CSU to see the application.

Charles Sturt University and UAC Connect