Welcome to UAC, class of 2023!

27 Feb 2023

If you’re in Year 12 in NSW or the ACT and thinking of applying for uni in 2024, UAC applications open on Wednesday 5 April (19 April for international Year 12 students). On that day, we'll send you an email containing your UAC PIN. You'll need your UAC PIN and your NESA or ACT BSSS student number to start your application.

Until then, here are a few things you can do to help make your uni application process smoother – before the year gets too hectic.

1. Update your contact details

On 5 April, UAC will email UAC PINs to all NSW and ACT Year 12 students. You’ll need this PIN to apply through UAC and to view your ATAR at the end of the year. Keep it in a safe and secure place and don't give it to anyone else.

Your UAC PIN will be emailed to the address registered with NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) or the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies (ACT BSSS). NSW students, log in to NESA Students Online and change your email address from a school address to a personal one that you have easy and ongoing access to: your school email address will expire when you finish school.

Read up on how to apply through UAC

2. Dropping a subject? Check your ATAR eligibility

If you’re thinking of dropping an HSC course, make sure you will still be eligible for an ATAR.

To be eligible for an ATAR in NSW, you must satisfactorily complete at least 10 units of ATAR courses. These ATAR courses must include at least:

  • 8 units from Category A courses
  • 2 units of English
  • three Board Developed courses of 2 units or greater
  • four subject areas.

Your ATAR is then calculated from your:

  • best 2 units of English
  • best 8 units from your remaining units, which can include no more than 2 units of Category B courses.

Don’t base your decision about dropping one course over another on how you think a course is going to be scaled. It’s easy to get caught up in the myths about courses that are ‘scaled up’ or ‘scaled down’. Instead, think about the courses you enjoy the most and do well in, and those that will prepare you for your future studies.

Get all the details about ATAR eligibility and calculation

Curious about the ATAR you might be able to achieve? UAC’s ATAR Compass can estimate your ATAR.

3. Apply for a Unique Student Identifier

When you apply through UAC, you’ll need to enter your Unique Student Identifier (USI). Your USI is your lifelong education number and all higher education students must have one. You can’t get a HECS-HELP loan without it. If you’re studying a VET course you might already have one.

Apply for your USI or check if you have one

4. Thinking of studying Medicine or Law? Check for additional selection criteria

University Clinical Aptitude Test

If you're applying for an undergraduate medical or health-related degree, you may need to sit the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT).

Check the medicine/dentistry/vet information on the UAC website. (We’ll update this with 2023 dates over the next few weeks.)

Bookings for UCAT open on 1 March.

Law Admission Test

If you’re thinking about studying an undergraduate law degree at UNSW in 2024, you will need to sit the Law Admission Test (LAT).

Registrations for LAT open in May.

5. Keep up-to-date

While you’re focusing on your studies, follow UAC on our social channels for information on seminars, live info sessions and key dates.

We wish you the best of luck in 2023!