Uni application FAQs

14 Mar 2022

Semester 1, 2022 courses are under way and UAC is preparing to open applications for semester 2, 2022 and semester 1, 2023 courses on 12 April.

Here are answers to the common questions we are asked during this transition period.

You need to contact the university and ask them if there are still places in the course. If there are, they will tell you how to apply. Be aware that you may have already missed some key coursework and assessments. The university may advise you to start in semester 2 instead.

UAC will open applications for semester 2 courses on 12 April.

Institution profiles (including contact details)

The first thing to do is to speak to your faculty adviser. They will be able to advise you on your options. Depending on your current degree, you may be able to restructure your units of study, rather than change to a different degree.

Otherwise, you may be able to apply for an internal transfer. The university's student services centre can help you with this.

It's important to keep in mind that if you withdraw from your course after the university's census date, there may be academic and financial penalties. The census date is the date by which all your enrolment requirements must be finalised. It is usually a couple of weeks after the course starts.

If you’re receiving government payments (eg Youth Allowance) you need to tell Centrelink about any changes to your studies.

UAC applications for semester 2, 2022 will open on 12 April.

If you have been studying in semester 1 and want your results from these studies to be assessed, be aware that universities release results to UAC at different times. We won't be able to assess your results until the university provides them; this can often be in late July.

UAC applications open on 12 April. Once you've completed your application for undergraduate study, you can then submit a Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS) application. SRS offers are based on criteria other than (or in addition to) your ATAR. SRS applications close on 19 September and the first SRS offers will be released in November Round 2 on 11 November.

Many institutions also have their own early offer schemes, which require you to submit a direct application. As a guide, browse our information about early offers to Year 12 students in 2021. We'll be updating this information over the next few weeks.

Most Year 12 students will be assessed, at least partially, based on their ATAR. This year, ATARs will be released on 15 December. The first ATAR-based offers will be released in December Round 2 on 22 December.

December Round 2 and January Round 1 are when most offers are made to Year 12 students. However, institutions will continue to make offers in later rounds to courses that still have vacancies.

The offer rounds before December Round 2 are usually for early offer schemes (such as the Schools Recommendation Scheme), ADFA (Australian Defence Force Academy) courses and some post-school applicants who already have qualifications we can assess.

Find application and offer dates for Year 12 students by selecting the 'Year 12 students' filter on the UAC key dates page.