Undergraduate offers

UAC advises students of their offers on behalf of the participating institutions. The institutions (not UAC) decide who receives offers. So, if you have questions, you’ll need to speak to the admissions office at the institution.

You'll need your UAC application number and UAC PIN to log in and access your offer/s.

Offer rounds

There are a number of offer rounds throughout the year. You can check all the dates by which you need to apply, provide documents and change your preferences to be guaranteed consideration in each offer round.

Your application will remain valid throughout the admissions period and you can change your preferences for courses starting later in the year.

Offer rounds for Year 12 students

The most important offer rounds for Year 12 students are December Round 2 (Thursday 21 December 2017) and January Round 1 (Friday 12 January 2018) and January Round 2 (Wednesday 31 January), after ATARs are released. This is when most Year 12 applicants receive their offers.

Early offer rounds

The offer rounds before December Round 2 are usually for early entry schemes such as Schools Recommendation Schemes, ADFA (Australian Defence Force Academy) courses, distance education courses and some non-Year 12 applicants. Not all institutions participate in these early rounds, so if you don’t receive an early offer and aren’t in one of the categories listed, there’s no need to worry.

Later offer rounds

Offer rounds after January Round 1 are for entry to courses that still have vacancies or for new courses that begin later in the year.

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