Financial assistance

Australian Government payments

The Australian Government provides financial help to eligible students through payments administered by the Department of Human Services. Visit the Department of Human Services website to find out if you are eligible for a payment.

  • Youth Allowance is a payment for people aged 16 to 24 who are studying full time, doing a full-time Australian Apprenticeship, looking for work, or are sick.
  • Austudy is a payment for people aged 25 or over who are studying full time or doing a full-time Australian Apprenticeship.
  • ABSTUDY provides financial help for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are studying or doing a full-time Australian Apprenticeship.
  • The Pensioner Education Supplement helps with the costs of study for students getting a payment from the Department of Human Services or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.
  • The Student Start-up Loan is a voluntary loan for eligible full-time students who get Youth Allowance, Austudy or ABSTUDY Living Allowance. It is not paid automatically; you need to apply for it. You have to pay the loan back once you start earning a certain amount of income.
  • The Relocation Scholarship is an annual payment to help eligible students receiving Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY Living Allowance who need to live away from their family home while studying.

If you receive Youth Allowance, Austudy, ABSTUDY, the Pensioner Education Supplement or the ABSTUDY Pensioner Education Supplement you may also be eligible for:

  • an Education Entry Payment to help with the costs of study or training to improve your skills and qualifications
  • a Fares Allowance to help with the costs of travel for tertiary students who have to live away from home to study. Fares Allowance is also available for secondary students who receive ABSTUDY and have to live away from home to study.
  • other concessions and allowances such as a Health Care Card and Rent Assistance.

Equity Scholarships available through UAC

Equity Scholarships assist financially disadvantaged students with the costs associated with higher education.

Visit the Equity Scholarships website for more information and to apply online.

Merit scholarships

UAC's participating institutions offer a range of merit scholarships. For details, read the general information supplied by the institutions.

Rural and Regional Enterprise Scholarship Program

The Commonwealth Government is offering scholarships to regional and remote students to help them access and complete tertiary STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) qualifications. Depending on your type of study, you can receive up to $18,000.

There will be an application round for each of the 2018 and 2019 academic years, with at least 600 scholarships available in each round.

Find out more about the RRESP.