Financial assistance

Australian Government payments

The Australian Government provides financial help to eligible students through payments administered by the Department of Human Services. Visit the Department of Human Services website to find out if you are eligible for a payment.

If you are planning to apply for one of the following payments, you can lodge your claim 13 weeks before you start studying. We encourage you to lodge your claim online as early as possible, so that it can be assessed and your payment can start from the day you first become eligible.

  • Youth Allowance provides financial help for young people aged 16 to 24. You may be able to get Youth Allowance if you are studying full-time, doing a full-time Australian Apprenticeship, training, looking for work, or sick.
  • Austudy provides financial help to people aged 25 or over who are studying or doing a full-time Australian Apprenticeship.
  • ABSTUDY provides financial help for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians who are studying or undertaking a full-time Australian Apprenticeship.
  • The Pensioner Education Supplement helps students receiving a qualifying pension or payment with the ongoing costs of study in a secondary or tertiary course.
  • The Student Start-up Loan is a voluntary loan available to eligible full-time students in higher education who receive Youth Allowance, Austudy or ABSTUDY Living Allowance. For the Student Start-up Loan, an ‘approved course’ is an accredited higher education or preparatory course taken at a higher education institution, such as a university.
  • The Relocation Scholarship is an annual payment to help dependent students receiving Youth Allowance and ABSTUDY Living Allowance who need to live away from their family home while studying. To be eligible for the Relocation Scholarship, either your family home or your education campus needs to be in an area classified as Inner Regional Australia, Outer Regional Australia, Remote Australia or Very Remote Australia. Different rates apply depending on where your family home or education campus is located. Visit the Department of Human Services website for information about rates and to find out the classification of your family home or education campus.

If you receive Youth Allowance, Austudy, ABSTUDY, the Pensioner Education Supplement or the ABSTUDY Pensioner Education Supplement you may also be eligible for:

  • an Education Entry Payment to help with the up-front costs of books and fees when studying or training to improve your skills and qualifications
  • a Fares Allowance to reimburse tertiary students who have to live away from home to study for the cost of a trip to university at the start of the year, a return trip home during the year and a trip at the end of the year. Fares Allowance is also available for secondary students who receive ABSTUDY and have to live away from home to study.
  • other concessions and allowances such as a Health Care Card and Rent Assistance.

Equity Scholarships available through UAC

Equity Scholarships assist financially disadvantaged students with the costs associated with higher education.

Equity Scholarships available through UAC comprise:

  • Institution Equity Scholarships (IES) established and funded by individual institutions
  • Commonwealth Scholarships for Indigenous applicants established and funded by the Australian Government.

Visit the Equity Scholarships website for more information and to apply online.

Other scholarships

UAC's participating institutions offer a range of merit scholarships. For details, read the general information supplied by the institutions.

Centrelink scholarships are paid to directly to eligible students – you do not need to apply for them. For more information, visit the Department of Human Services website.

Other financial assistance

You may also be eligible for:

  • a travel concession of half the normal adult fare on most public transport services if you're a full-time university student. When you enrol, ask whether you're eligible for a travel concession and how to apply.
  • financial or study leave assistance from your employer by means of cadetships or other forms of support and sponsorship. Some participating institutions may also provide further information.