Careers information and advice

There are many places you can go to research career information and seek advice.

UAC’s participating institutions

Read the course descriptions available through the course search for a list of possible career opportunities for your chosen courses and contact the careers service at individual institutions.

School careers advisers

The careers adviser at your school can give you careers advice and information.

Professional organisations

Find careers information from societies, institutes or associations for each profession. You can search industry organisations online. Some tertiary institutions list professional organisations on their websites.


Check out the following useful resources:

  • The Good Careers Guide provides information on more than 400 occupations, including job descriptions, personal requirements, education and training, employment opportunities, related jobs and contacts.
  • The Good Universities Guide profiles all Australian universities, as well as select private providers and TAFEs, to help you compare institutions and courses.
  • My Future is a goverment career information and exploration service which can help you manage your career with information on particular jobs, general career areas and courses.
  • Careers Advisory Service is a NSW Government initiative that has up-to-date information on a range of career and study options available following the release of the HSC results.
  • Graduate Careers Australia produces a range of graduate-related information about industry and salary trends and employment opportunities.

There are also many commercial job vacancy websites which can show you the variety of jobs available, skill shortages in different fields and job growth areas.