Australian tertiary and other studies

Each institution sets its own admission requirements, including the qualifications it will accept. If you've completed or partially completed a tertiary course, institutions may take any or all of the following into account when considering your application:

  • tertiary studies
  • secondary studies
  • post-secondary studies
  • other relevant factors such as employment experience.

If you'd like your qualifications assessed before you apply for study, our Qualifications Assessment Service (QAS) can provide you with a qualifications assessment statement.

If you've partially completed a tertiary course and want to transfer to another course at a different institution, you must apply through UAC. If you want to transfer to another course at the same institution, check with your institution to see if you need to apply though UAC. In either case, you may be eligible for advanced standing/academic credit.

For some courses you may need to satisfy additional selection criteria – such as a portfolio, an interview, an audition, a questionnaire, a personal statement or a test – in addition to submitting a UAC application. Read the relevant institution entries for their admission policy and selection criteria.

Are there any studies I shouldn't include in my application?

The following courses aren't assessed by UAC:

  • Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Certificates I and II
  • Statements of Attainment
  • TAFE Statements
  • courses delivered by Australian private providers that are not accredited. Only those courses accredited under the AQF, or by the relevant state/territory accreditation authority, will be taken into account. Qualifications undertaken with private providers will not be assessed without proof of accreditation for the particular course
  • short courses run by a university (eg Project Management Essentials)
  • other short courses such as First Aid certificates.