Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)

STAT is a series of tests designed to assess a range of competencies considered important for success in tertiary study. It assesses your ability to think critically and analyse the material given, rather than testing your knowledge of specific academic subjects.

How to sit STAT

In NSW and the ACT, STAT is managed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). Dates, fees, locations and booking information for STAT test sittings in NSW/ACT can be found on the ACER STAT website. For additional information, email the ACER STAT Office.

Why sit STAT?

STAT is used by many tertiary institutions in Australia as part of their admissions procedure for certain categories of applicants. It is used in addition to any other information available when assessing your application for admission. If you have no formal qualifications on which to base your application to a tertiary institution, you may be eligible to be considered for entry to a course by sitting STAT.

Check whether an institution will accept STAT for the course you are considering, and which STAT versions you need to sit, by contacting the admissions office at the relevant institution.

About the test

There are two versions of STAT: Multiple Choice and Written English.

STAT Multiple Choice is a two-hour reasoning test with 10 minutes of reading time. It consists of 70 questions – half verbal and half quantitative. Verbal questions require you to interpret and understand ideas in language. Quantitative questions require you to comprehend and apply information presented in scientific and mathematical contexts.

STAT Written English is a one-hour test with five minutes of reading time. You need to produce two pieces of writing in response to two different themes. Four prompts are given for each theme from which you must choose one. The test assesses your ability to communicate effectively in writing.