Australian secondary studies

2016 NSW HSC students

Admission to most tertiary courses is based on your Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).

In addition to the ATAR, some courses specify prerequisites which you have to satisfy before you can be considered for an offer (eg completing or achieving a specified standard in a particular HSC course).

Some courses also have additional selection criteria such as a personal statement, questionnaire, portfolio of work, audition, interview or test, which are considered either instead of, or together with, the ATAR. You can find details of any additional selection criteria in the course descriptions available through the course search.

Institutions may also allocate bonus points for a particular course. Your selection rank for that course will be your ATAR + bonus points. As the bonus points schemes for each institution, and often for each course, are different, your selection rank can be different for each course you list in your course preferences.


Cut-offs indicate the lowest selection rank accepted for entry into a course. They don't represent the average ability of the students accepted for the course.

For Year 12 students, their selection rank = ATAR + bonus points. This means some applicants may receive an offer to a course even though their ATAR is below the cut-off.

Cut-offs for entry in 2017 won't be known until selection is actually made during the offer rounds.

The course search shows the courses available in 2016–17 and the cut-offs that Year 12 applicants needed for entry into each of those courses in the Main Round in 2016. These cut-offs only give you an indication of the possible cut-offs for entry in 2017. They are supplied as a general guide to help you assess your chances of getting into a particular course and decide on your preferences.