Pathway options

Most institutions offer pathway options for applicants who don't meet the entry requirements for their degree courses, or need further support and preparation before studying at degree level. These generally include non-degree courses such as foundation studies, preparatory courses and Certificate, Diploma or Associate Degree courses.

If you successfully complete a pathway course, an institution may guarantee you entry into a particular degree course. Otherwise, you can use your non-degree studies to apply and compete for admission to other degree courses. You may also be awarded credit for some studies undertaken in your non-degree course.

Slipback offers to lower-level courses

Some institutions may offer you a place in a lower-level course – even if you don’t apply for it – if you’re not eligible or competitive enough to receive an offer to the course to which you’ve applied. This is known as a slipback offer.

Slipback offers are released up to two days after scheduled offer rounds and you can access them in the same way as standard offers.