Pathway courses

Most institutions offer pathway options for applicants who don't meet the entry requirements for their degree courses or need further support and preparation before studying at degree level. These generally include non-degree courses such as foundation studies, preparatory courses and Certificate, Diploma or Associate Degree courses.

If you successfully complete a pathway course, an institution may guarantee you entry into a particular degree course. Otherwise, you can use your pathway course studies to apply and compete for admission to other degree courses. You may also be awarded credit for some studies undertaken in your pathway course.

Pathway courses through UAC

A number of UAC's participating institutions offer pathway courses, including Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) certificate courses and non-AQF enabling courses. (Non-AQF qualifications are those that are not government quality assured and not accredited by the Australian higher education or vocational education and training accreditation authorities.)

Institutions may offer their pathway courses through UAC as a course you can select in your application and/or as a slipback course.

Pathway courses you can select

The following institutions offer pathway courses through UAC, which means that you can include them in your list of preferences:

  • Australian National University
  • Australian College of Applied Psychology
  • Charles Sturt University
  • International College of Management, Sydney
  • Macquarie University
  • Southern Cross University
  • University of Canberra
  • University of Newcastle
  • University of Wollongong
  • UNSW Australia
  • Western Sydney University.

You'll find these pathway courses through the course search. Read the course descriptions and contact the institution if you have any questions.

Slipback offers to pathway courses

A slipback offer is an offer to a lower-level course instead of the courses you've listed in your preferences. If you're not eligible and competitive enough to receive an offer to the course to which you've applied, you might receive a slipback offer to a pathway course, even if you didn't apply for it. Not all institutions will make slipback offers.

How slipback offers work

  • Slipback offers can only be made to a course at a lower level than the course listed in your preferences. For example, if you have a degree-level course in your list of preferences, an institution may make a slipback offer to a Diploma or another lower-level course.
  • Slipback offers can only be made in place of courses listed higher in your preferences than the course to which you've received an offer. For example, in the Main Round, if you receive an offer to your third preference, you may also receive a slipback offer in place of your first and second preferences.
  • Slipback offers are released up to two days after scheduled offer rounds and you can access them in the same way as for standard offers.