Steps to undergraduate study through UAC


Can you apply through UAC undergraduate? Do you meet our participating institutions' admission requirements? If not, think about pathway options. If you're not completing Year 12 in 2017, read our information for non-Year 12 applicants.

Search for courses and take note of important dates in the application process.


Apply and pay before the end of September to avoid a significant increase to the processing charge.

After you apply you can log back in to your application to change your course preferences, track the status of your application and participate in our many offer rounds.


Schools Recommendation Schemes (SRS) consider a range of criteria other than, or in addition to, ATARs.

Educational Access Schemes (EAS) help students who have experienced long-term disadvantage that has affected their study.

Equity Scholarships (ES) help financially disadvantaged students.

These are all separate applications to your UAC application.


Early entry schemes (including SRS) make offers before the December and January offer rounds. Your preferences are considered in the order you list them, so make sure you have the course you most want to do as your first preference.


ATARs are released mid-December.

The ATAR helps universities rank applicants for selection into their courses.

Review preferences

After you receive your ATAR, you will have some time to update your preference list.

Log in to your application or the My UAC mobile app to remove, change or add preferences.


Most institutions make offers in the main December and January rounds, but there are many offers throughout the admissions period.

Read about the selection process and offers to find out more.


Accept your offer and follow the institution’s instructions to start the enrolment process.

Don’t worry, you can still receive offers in later rounds, even if you’ve already accepted a previous offer. View our flowchart of the steps to take to receive multiple offers.

Applications cost $58 for 2017 Year 12 students and $68 for non-Year 12 applicants until midnight on Fri 29 Sep 2017. After this date they will increase to $183 and $193 respectively.

If you've already applied in this admissions period (ie since Aug 2017) and have changed your mind about what you want to study don't submit a new application; simply log in to your existing application and change your preferences. Have you forgotten your UAC application number or UAC PIN?

If you're a non-Year 12 applicant and want to apply for advanced standing/credit for prior studies, you must do this directly with the institution after you receive an offer.