Uploading documents

SRS applications have closed.
You can no longer access or modify your SRS application.

There are two types of documents you may need to upload:

  • interstate Year 11 studies: If you are a Year 12 student outside of NSW you need to upload your Year 11 school results. If you’re a student in the NSW school system, you don’t need to upload your Year 11 results.
  • institution-specific documents: Check each institution's SRS criteria to find out if you need to upload these documents.


You can upload supporting documents within your SRS application or by using SRS Check & Change after you've applied.

To upload your Year 11 school results, go to the 'Year 11 studies' page and click the upload icon next to your record of Year 11 study.

To upload other documents, go to the 'Institution-specific documents' page and click on the upload icon.

Document specifications

Each supporting document must be a PDF file smaller than 5MB.

If your document is not a PDF, you can convert it using either:

  • UAC’s document conversion service – attach the document file to an email addressed to conv2pdf@uac.edu.au. For each attached file you’ll receive an email back within a few minutes containing a converted PDF or
  • one of the many document conversion packages available on the web.

Important note for Mac users
If you're using an Apple computer with an OSX version less than 10.8, do not use its built-in PDF software to prepare PDF documents. Documents created or saved using this software and uploaded will be not viewable.

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