SRS offers

SRS applications for 2018 admissions will open in early August 2017.

The information on these pages is for 2017 admissions: use it only as a guide to the SRS process.

Unconditional and conditional SRS offers will be made on Friday 9 December 2016 in UAC’s December Round.

Institutions decide who they will make SRS offers to. UAC doesn't select applicants, or have the power to persuade institutions to make a particular offer, or question decisions made by institutions.

Note: Not all courses at individual institutions will be available through SRS.

Receiving your offer

You can access your SRS offer information through the Offers section of the UAC Undergraduate website and through undergraduate Check & Change. You’ll need your 2016-17 UAC application number and UAC PIN to access your SRS offer.

You’ll also receive emails to let you know that you’ve received an offer and correspondence from UAC.

If you accept an SRS offer, you can receive further offers in the next offer round, but not to the same course for which your SRS offer has been made.

If you’d like to be considered for other courses, you need to accept your SRS offer and then remove it as your first preference through undergraduate Check & Change. You then need to put your new preferred course as your first preference.

If you do not change your preferences, you won’t be considered in subsequent offer rounds.

Types of offers

There are two types of offers available under SRS. Successful applicants will receive either:

  • an unconditional SRS offer (where there are no further requirements for you to meet)
  • conditional SRS offer/s (where there are additional criteria, such as a minimum ATAR)

Refer to the SRS institution information tables to find out how individual institutions will make SRS offers.

Unconditional SRS offers

If you receive an unconditional offer letter, there are no further requirements for you to meet. Follow the instructions set out in your offer letter. You must accept your offer by the date specified by the institution, otherwise you may lose your offer.

Conditional SRS offers

If you are made a conditional offer, you'll receive a Conditional Offer Advice Letter and you'll need to meet requirements set out by the participating institution, such as a minimum ATAR.

If you meet the institution’s requirements, and you still have the course as your first preference at midnight on Sunday 1 January 2017, you'll be made an unconditional offer through UAC in January Round 1 on Thursday 5 January 2017.

If you receive a Conditional Offer Advice Letter and then change your course preferences before Sunday 1 January 2017, so that the course to which you have been made a conditional SRS offer is no longer your first preference, you may lose that offer. You'll then enter the Main Round on Wednesday 18 January 2017 and may receive another offer.

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