Information for Year 11 and 12 students

January Round 1 cut-offs: A4 / A3
January Round 1 offers FAQ

Read our publication Steps to Uni for Year 11 and 12 Students to find out more about UAC and the application process.

Applying to uni

Watch our video on how to complete your UAC application.

Explore our undergraduate website for all the information you need to apply to uni through UAC. Visit the site to:

Medicine and medical sciences – special entry requirements

For students who wish to study medicine or medical sciences there are special entry requirements. Download our fact sheet for information about requirements at each of our institutions. Special entry requirements also apply to health/welfare-related and teacher education courses.

Educational Access Schemes

Educational Access Schemes (EAS) can help students who have experienced long-term educational disadvantage gain admission to university. Find out if you can apply and how to go about it.

Schools Recommendation Schemes

Schools Recommendation Schemes (SRS) aim to help you access higher education through recommendations from your school. Unis use a wide range of selection criteria, including school recommendations, senior secondary studies and personal awards and achievements. Read about how SRS work.

Equity Scholarships

Equity Scholarships help financially disadvantaged students with the costs associated with higher education. By submitting just one application, you will be considered for multiple scholarships. Learn more about Equity Scholarships through UAC.


Download All About the ATAR for a simple overview of the calculation of the ATAR and for the truth behind those common ATAR myths.

For details on ATAR courses, calculation, results and more, visit our ATAR website.

Bonus points

Institutions allocate regional and subject bonus points to eligible Year 12 students who want to study at a tertiary level. They also allocate bonus points as part of their Educational Access Schemes.

Remember: bonus points don’t change your ATAR; they change your selection rank for a particular course or institution. Get all the facts on bonus points.


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