Postgraduate Apply

After you've found out if you're eligible and chosen your courses, you're ready to apply. UAC's Apply is available between 7.30am and midnight (Sydney time) seven days a week.

The processing charge is $67.
This charge is not refundable under any circumstances except as required by law.

Continue your application

For an overview of the application process, watch how to apply through UAC as a Postgraduate on YouTube.

For more detailed information read:

Changing your mind after you apply

If you apply and then change your mind about what you want to study, don't submit a new application; simply change your preferences through Check & Change.

To cancel your application, write to or email UAC and include your UAC application number.

Note that UAC will not refund charges or fees paid to UAC under any circumstances, except as required by law.

To ensure an optimal experience when using UAC's online application services, use a recent version of your browser on a desktop or laptop computer.