Admission requirements

Applications for 2016–17 close at midnight on Fri 25 Aug 2017.

Applications for 2017–18 open at 9am on Tue 5 Sep 2017.

Most institutions require you to have completed a relevant undergraduate degree or diploma to be eligible for admission to a postgraduate course. You may also require professional work experience. However, each institution sets its own admission requirements, so be sure to read the individual institution entries for details.

Employment experience

Some institutions take employment experience into account when considering your application.

All employment experience must be fully documented – you must provide a statement of service for each of your jobs. Only paid employment of one year or more will be considered. This includes continuous employment with one employer, or periods undertaking the same job with different employers. Unpaid and voluntary work experience will not be considered.

Being eligible doesn't guarantee you a place in a course. You'll have to compete with other eligible applicants.

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