Accepting your offer

Your offer letter will explain how to accept your offer, enrol and pay the required compulsory Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) charge. Take particular notice of any deadlines the institution has for accepting the offer.

Once you have accepted your offer and paid the required fees, the institution will send you a Confirmation of Enrolment. This document will allow you to obtain your student visa. There are also other Australian Government requirements for international students.


Each institution has its own procedures for enrolment. Your offer will include instructions. If you're applying through an agent, your agent will help you.

When you apply, make sure the name on your application matches your official ID (birth certificate, passport, citizenship documents). You'll need your ID when you enrol and there may be problems if the name on your ID doesn't match your offer letter.


Most institutions include subject selection, course planning and enrolment sessions in their orientation programs. Orientation programs are specifically designed to help you adjust to life as a student in Australia and you are strongly encouraged to attend.


Deferment is where you are given permission from your institution to delay starting your course. Deferment is for a fixed period, usually six months or one year.

This means that if you receive an offer to study in 2018 and defer for one year, you'll start your studies in 2019. All deferments are granted subject to the course being offered the following semester or following year.

Each institution has its own policy regarding deferment.