Course costs

Each institution sets its own tuition fees for each course, so fees vary between institutions and courses. Use the course fees provided in the course search as a guide only, as they are subject to change. In general, course fees are based on an average course load, which may vary depending on your exact enrolment. All tuition fees are quoted in Australian dollars.

Each institution has its own policy about fees – read the institution entries for more information.

What do tuition fees cover?

Tuition fees generally cover teaching costs only but they may also include:

  • reception at the airport nearest to campus
  • assistance in finding accommodation
  • orientation program
  • access to all available student services and facilities
  • special uniforms for nursing courses.

Check each institution's entry for more information.

Tuition fees do not include:

  • accommodation expenses
  • costs of textbooks, course materials, study aids and equipment
  • living expenses such as food, transport and clothing
  • costs of field trips
  • health cover and medical costs.

Student Services and Amenities Fee

Most institutions charge a Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) for student services and amenities of a non-academic nature, regardless of whether students intend to use the services and amenities provided. The SSAF is indexed annually and may be spent on amenities and services such as sporting and recreational activities, employment and career advice, child care, financial advice and food services. Not all institutions charge international students the SSAF.

For more information on the SSAF, visit the Department of Education and Training website.