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Australian Catholic University
105706 B Applied Public Health/B Business Administration, North Sydney
105707 B Nutrition/B Business Administration, North Sydney
105708 B Science/B Business Administration, North Sydney
105709 B Science (Environment)/Bf Business Administration, North Sydney
Australian National University
135801 B Applied Data Analytics
138302 B Health Science
Charles Sturt University
214300 B Occupational Therapy - Port Macquarie
214340 B Environmental Science and Management - Port Macquarie
215350 B Applied Science (Parks, Recreation and Heritage) - Port Macquarie
Macquarie University
300519 B Science - Global Challenges
300310 B Security Studies with B Laws
300233 B Business Analytics with B Security Studies
University of Canberra
360045 Dip Health
365101 B Nursing
365102 B Nursing Advanced
University of Technology Sydney
600037 B Arts B Education (Primary)
600039 B Arts B Education (K–12)
609161 B Education (Secondary) B Arts in International Studies
University of Wollongong
751221 B Commerce/B Laws - UOW South Western Sydney
753608 B Commerce - UOW South Western Sydney
UNSW Sydney
428200 B International Public Health - Online