Selecting and changing courses

You can select up to six courses from the courses listed in the course search. Check the course updates for up-to-date lists of new and cancelled courses.

If there is more than one start date for a course, you'll need to select your preferred start date. You can apply for the same course with multiple start dates; however, each start date is a new preference.

Preference order

Order your courses according to your preferences, with the course you would most like to do at the top, the next most preferred second and so on down the list.

However, you don't need to list six courses. If you're interested in only one course, then enter only that course. If you're interested in several courses, enter the course codes in order of preference up to a maximum of six.

Each institution will consider your application separately and they will consider your courses in the order you've listed them in your application.

Read more about the selection process.

Changing your courses

You can add, delete or change the order of your courses as many times as you like using Check & Change. You'll need your UAC application number and UAC PIN. You can't change your preferences by phone, letter, fax or email.

Check the closing dates for changing preferences.

Some courses have early closing dates. This means that you must have the course as a preference by the course closing date. Check the latest course information through the course search.

If your application is agent-assisted, you'll need to enter an agent ID for each new institution you choose.