Providing documents

Most 2016 Year 12 students don't need to provide documents to support their application. UAC automatically receives your Year 12 results and employment experience is generally not taken into consideration.

If you do need to provide documents to UAC, this will be indicated in your application confirmation package, which you'll be prompted to download when you complete your application through UAC. This package will include a Confirmation of Application and payment receipt.

If you need to provide UAC with documents, your package will also include a cover sheet titled:

Follow the instructions on the cover sheets to supply the required documents.

You should provide your documents within seven days of applying, but if you are applying close to UAC or course closing dates you may need to provide your documents sooner than seven days. If you are applying in late January/early February 2017, you only have a very limited time to provide your documents before offers are made for semester 1 study. Any delays may jeopardise your chances of getting an offer for study in semester 1.

If you need to send any documents directly to the institutions, they will be indicated in your Confirmation of Application preference details. You can also check if there are any additional requirements for your course by reading the course descriptions available through the course search.

Find out more about providing documents:

Documents UAC can obtain on your behalf

In most cases, UAC can get your results from study at the following institutions without you having to supply us with copies of your documents:

  • Australian Year 12 assessment authorities
  • Australian universities

However, most institutions won't release academic records to UAC if you owe money to them (eg library fines). Non-release of your records may result in you not receiving an offer. UAC can't assess qualifications using transcripts supplied by the applicant if non-release status has been advised by an institution.