Authorising someone to act on your behalf

All information in your application is confidential. For privacy reasons we can't discuss information relating to your application with anyone else. However, you can authorise a relative or friend to act on your behalf and talk to UAC about your application.

This person can be a different person or the same person as the agent who may be helping you with your application and visa formalities. Read more about agent-assisted applications.

To authorise someone to act on your behalf, you and the person you are authorising must:

The letter of authority must include:

  • the printed full name and signature of the person who will be acting on your behalf
  • your printed full name and signature
  • your contact telephone number or email address
  • your UAC application number.

Note: Your authorisation only applies to the UAC application process. It does NOT authorise someone to accept an offer on your behalf. For details on how to authorise someone to accept an offer on your behalf, contact the relevant institution.

Agent-assisted applications

You may be applying through an agent. When you apply you will be asked to enter your agent’s unique identification code (UACID) for each institution you apply for; your agent will have this. You can add, change or delete your agent’s UACID later, if you need to.

If you are applying through an agent, your agent will be able to access information about your application through UAC’s website, such as details of the courses you list and your correspondence from UAC, including conditional offer letters and unconditional offer letters.