Who can be offered a place in a course?

To be offered a place in a course you must:

Institution requirements

Each institution sets its own admission requirements. Read the individual institution entries for details.

Course requirements

The most common course requirement is to meet a particular course cut-off. Cut-offs indicate the lowest selection rank accepted for entry into a course. For most Year 12 students their selection rank is their ATAR. If an institution allocates bonus points to you for a particular course, your selection rank for that course will then = your ATAR + bonus points.

Some courses also require you to have achieved a specified standard in an HSC course before you can be considered for an offer. These are course prerequisites.

Other courses have additional selection criteria, such as a personal statement, questionnaire, portfolio, audition, interview or test, which are considered either instead of, or together with, your academic qualification.

Finally, special requirements and policies apply to students in health/welfare-related and teacher education courses.

Check the course descriptions available through the course search for individual course details.

Remember that being eligible doesn't guarantee you a place in a course. You'll have to compete with other eligible applicants – read selection criteria and the selection process for more information.