Steps to study for international students


Can you apply for undergraduate study through UAC? Do you meet our participating institutions' admission requirements? If not, think about pathway options.

Search for courses and take note of important dates in the application process.


After you apply you can log back in to your application to change your course preferences and track the status of your application.


ATARs are released mid-December.

The ATAR helps universities rank applicants for selection into their courses.


After you receive your ATAR, you will have some time to update your preference list.

Log in to your application to remove, change or add preferences.


Read about the selection process and how offers work.

Review preferences

Accept your offer and follow the institution’s instructions to start the enrolment process.

You must meet several Australian Government requirements in order to study in Australia. Read our general information about studying in Australia.

Applications cost A$68.

If you've already applied in this admissions period (ie since August 2017) and have changed your mind about what you want to study, don't submit a new application; simply change your course selections by logging in to your application.

Remember to make sure the details of your studies and qualifications, including any courses you studied in semester 1, are up-to-date. We’ll then be able to access your semester 1 results as soon as they’re available. If an institution makes offers to the semester 2 course you want to do before your semester 1 results are available, then they’ll use your previous qualifications (eg your ATAR) to assess your application.
Have you forgotten your UAC application number or UAC PIN?