QAS disclaimer

Currency of the statement

The UAC Qualifications Assessment Statement is valid as at the date of issue. The statement is based on the common assessment procedures and guidelines approved by UAC's participating institutions as at the date of issue. These guidelines are set using research undertaken by UAC. This research involves recommendations from Australian Education International through the National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition (AEI-NOOSR), the National Academic Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom (UK NARIC) and other relevant sources available to UAC. These assessment procedures and guidelines, research and recommendations are confidential information of UAC or made available to UAC on a confidential basis. UAC and participating institutions reserve the right to change the level of comparison of qualifications as additional information becomes available.

Participating institutions

The Qualifications Assessment Statement is issued to provide prospective UAC applicants with an assessment of their qualifications. This may be used as a guide by admissions officers in determining prospective applicants' eligibility for courses offered at UAC's participating institutions.

Use of the statement

The Qualifications Assessment Statement does not bind any institution to accept UAC's assessment.

Eligibility for course entry is determined by the institutions themselves.

The statement does not guarantee admission to an institution. There are a number of factors affecting entry into a course. Entry is based on competition as places may be limited and some courses may have additional requirements or prerequisites.

Qualifications may also be superseded by, or looked at in combination with, other assessable qualifications that you may hold.

For accurate advice on eligibility for course entry, please take your Qualifications Assessment Statement along with any other qualifications to the admissions office at the institution/s to which you are applying.

UAC ranks

The UAC rank disclosed on your Qualifications Assessment Statement is a guide only. It is based on documentation provided for assessment and is subject to changes to the confidential common assessment procedures and guidelines. Participating institutions use UAC ranks in different ways when assessing applications for admission. Some institutions may apply different weightings to these UAC ranks as qualifications may be looked at in combination with other assessable qualifications you may hold, or may use these ranks in conjunction with other selection criteria. Other institutions may not use UAC ranks for qualifications that have been superseded by other qualifications you may have.

Acceptance of qualifications

Participating institutions may not accept all qualifications as a basis of entry into courses. Contact the admissions offices at institutions for information about acceptance of qualifications.

Refund policy

Please apply carefully as UAC will NOT refund fees and charges under any circumstances, except as required by law. You must keep a record of the date and time of your payment as proof of payment. All UAC fees and charges are in Australian dollars (AUD) and include 10% GST.


UAC is the owner of the copyright in your statement. You may copy it to provide to a participating institution for the purpose of consideration of an application for admission or a proposed application for admission. No part may otherwise be reproduced by any process without UAC's written permission.

Collection of personal information

UAC collects personal information and, in some circumstances, information regarding your health, or information about someone other than yourself, for the purpose of processing your application for admission to tertiary institutions.

If you are providing personal information about someone other than yourself, you should tell them about UAC's Privacy Policy.

While your personal information is generally collected from you, UAC also collects information about you from other educational institutions that you have attended.

UAC provides your personal information and, where applicable, your health information, all participating institutions. If you do not provide personal information where required in your application, UAC may not be able to process your application. For more information, read UAC's Privacy Policy. Please contact UAC's Privacy Officer if you have any queries.

You are able to gain access to any personal information and health information that is held about you by UAC. To obtain access, or if you have any questions, write to The Managing Director, UAC, Locked Bag 112, Silverwater NSW 2128.

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