Equity Scholarship offers

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You can only receive an Equity Scholarship offer from an institution at which you’re currently enrolled or to which you’ve received an offer of admission.

Before you apply, download the 2016–17 Equity Scholarships booklet for information about the types of scholarships available at each institution and the eligibility criteria.

Institutions participating in Equity Scholarships by offer round

Not all institutions make Equity Scholarship offers after the Main Round in January.

Check the lists of institutions participating in Equity Scholarships by offer round. Even if an institution is listed as participating in an offer round, they may not make any Equity Scholarships offers. A notification of whether a listed institution did not make offers in any given round will be available when offers are released. Institutions may participate in future offer rounds.

Successful applicants

If you’ve been awarded an Equity Scholarship, you’ll receive an email from UAC advising that you have correspondence.

Your Equity Scholarships offer is made on the condition that you’re eligible to receive an Equity Scholarship on your first census date for the scholarship period. Institutions will confirm your eligibility before any payments are made to you.

If you’re awarded an Equity Scholarship, the institution will provide details of when and how your payment will be made.

If you have any enquiries about your scholarship offer, the associated terms and conditions, or the acceptance process, contact the institution that has awarded your scholarship.

Unsuccessful applicants

If you haven’t been awarded an Equity Scholarship, you will receive an email from UAC advising you that you have correspondence. If you’re unsuccessful, your application may be considered in future offer rounds provided the institution at which you are currently enrolled or from which you have received an offer of admission is participating in that offer round.

You will only receive one unsuccessful outcome (unless your application has been reassessed, which may occur if you add a new disadvantage to your application or if you advise UAC that your circumstances have changed).

If your Equity Scholarships application is unsuccessful in the 2016–17 admissions period, you’re welcome to re-apply in future admissions periods, if you meet the scholarship eligibility criteria of the institution/s to which you are applying and/or at which you are enrolled.

UAC won’t use any of your previous application material for subsequent Equity Scholarships applications. You must submit a new application (and new supporting documentation if required).

Some institutions make Equity Scholarships offers directly to successful applicants. You may still receive a scholarship offer from an institution even if you have received an unsuccessful through UAC. Check the offer information for individual institutions in the 2016–17 ES booklet for information about which institutions will contact you directly.

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Check the lists of institutions participating in each offer round.