Institution Equity Scholarship conditions

All Equity Scholarships have conditions. It’s your responsibility to advise your institution of any changes to your circumstances that would make you ineligible for your Equity Scholarship.

Ongoing eligibility requirements

In order to maintain ongoing eligibility for your Equity Scholarship you must:

  • maintain satisfactory academic progress, according to your institution’s policy
  • continue to meet the eligibility requirements described in the terms and conditions of the Equity Scholarship and provide documentary evidence to support your ongoing eligibility when requested.

Approved leave

Institutions may approve requests from students to retain their Equity Scholarship when they’re on approved leave.

Study overseas or through cross-institutional arrangements

Students who undertake a program of study (a) overseas or (b) with an institution that has been approved by their institution through a cross-institutional arrangement as a Commonwealth-supported student won’t be precluded from accessing their scholarship during this period, so long as the program of study is approved by their institution and will count towards the course requirements in which the student is enrolled. Students must continue to meet scholarship eligibility requirements during this period.

Transfer to another institution

If you hold an Equity Scholarship at one institution and you apply for and receive an offer of admission to a different institution, your scholarship won’t be automatically transferred.

When you apply through UAC you’re assessed in accordance with each institution’s selection criteria.

If you’ve received part of an Indigenous Commonwealth Scholarship at another institution, you must declare any previous scholarships you’ve received when you accept your scholarship for 2016–17 admissions.


Initial deferment of an Equity Scholarship is not permitted. Students who are awarded an Equity Scholarship and defer the start of their studies, or withdraw from their course before their first census date, will forfeit their Equity Scholarship.


If you’re a student receiving full-time education at a school, college or university, your scholarship will be exempt from taxation subject to certain exceptions outlined in the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997, section 51–10, item 2.1A. For further information, call the ATO enquiry line on 13 28 61.


Your Equity Scholarship will be terminated for any of the following reasons:

  • you cease to meet the eligibility requirements
  • the maximum duration of the Equity Scholarship has been reached
  • you’ve failed to make satisfactory academic progress as defined by your institution
  • you’ve committed serious misconduct (eg provided false or misleading information)
  • you don’t resume study at the end of an approved interruption-to-study period.

Grievance procedures

Grievances will be resolved in accordance with the relevant institution’s policies.

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